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  • Harbour

    Gebaseerd op een gedicht van Karin van der Laan

    I'm flying high, it's in my blood, always has:
    a high flying bird

    Stranded and crashed, away from my haven,
    this safe harbour
    I hurt myself, damaged goods
    reaching the shore of yet another coast

    Framed between there and here

    And I'm kissed by sunlight as I slowly drift
    on waves and dreams I've dreamed before

    Loose, but am I really free ?
    Am I really here ?

    All hawsers loose, I stumble and fall;
    the salty sea, weeping with me

    It feels and moves me and sounds like music
    when it rolls and rolls and I
    run back into the sea;
    the ice cold water brings the silent longing
    I take back with me

    Framed between there and here

    And with me all these stories from overseas;
    I carry all of them to you
    and love, so lovingly I love, my love
    and weep and weep and weep

    Loose, but am I really free ?
    Am I really here ?
    Am I really here ?